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July 30, 2018by Risk20180

I can’t hear you!?
From a customer’s point of view the most annoying aspect of glass security screens at teller counters is the inability to hear the person on the other side of the screen because either the installed communication system is of inferior quality or there is no system at all!

Effective communication at bank, information or utility payment counters, cinemas, mass transportation stations, hospitals and consulates is a must for good customer relations and of course employees who have to talk and listen to customer’s day in day out.

The solution to this communication problem-is the Securicom Speech Transfer System by Contacta of the UK.

Contacta provides the most advanced system in the marketplace. The open duplex system offers excellent voice reproduction and hands free operation. Compact design coupled with the latest directional microphones ensures that obtrusive background noise is kept to minimum.

Each system comprises of a cashier and customer’s microphone and speaker, an audio amplifier and a power supply. Optional features include and induction loop for the benefit of hearing aid users.

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