Automatic Barriers and Gates

A simple, low security solution for car park access control requirements using embossed plastic cards.

A range of 32 codes is available to provide different access codes for different car parks within a given area. The reader operates through electro-mechanical sensing of the embossed code and is easily adjusted on-site to read any required change in access codes.

A low cost, stand alone access control system using magnetic stripe cards either with swipe or dip readers. Its compact design and ease of programming in-site make the Digicard particularly suitable for parking applications where a client wishes to use programmable cards but does not wish to connect back to a remote controller.

The Digicard range will handle up to 3920 cards with the possibility of either individually or by blocks adding or deleting cards. Up to four time profiles are available. The Digiroll controller is easy to install and program with a clear, back lit LCD display. If required up to 16 controllers can be networked via a RS232 connection to a remote printer.

A range of controllers to provide either standalone or centrally networked access control management for up to 8000 users and 126 control points. Each controller will operate two access points. If more than two are required then controllers can be networked with RS485 two-wire data cable. All networked controllers transfer data automatically to any other controller requesting it. This facility of distributed intelligence reduces on-site programming and set-up time.

All network controllers provide up to 32 user definable access groups and 16 time profiles, with eight programmable alarm links and global anti-pass-back. Standalone controllers provide up to four time profiles.

If a central PC Manager is required the Towman Software offers the user an enhanced management tool for system reporting and real-time alarm and transaction monitoring. Thee software will run on any IBM compatible PC using MS-DOS 3.2 or later.

The range extends from a simple two-door controller, Easikey, through to multi-site PC based systems, all using standard six-core alarm cable. All controllers use the PAC Electronic key. Each key is uniquely code and uses proximity or non-contact technology.

The non-contact read technology has particular benefits for the harsh environment of parking access control. The readers are all sealed units and do not therefore suffer from moisture (or other substances) ingress and are generally more resistant to vandalism.

The Easikey two-door controller is a standalone low-cost unit for up to 99 users. The PAC 1100 and 2100 multi-function two-and four-access point controllers can control up to 10,000 users when connected to a Central Network Controller with a MS-DOS/windows PC or 4000 users when used in features as are time profiling and access level grouping.

Cable Gates

We also supply a current breakthrough in gate security, The Cable Gate.

Cable Gates are the ideal solution for controlling the vehicles allowed to enter and exit your site when you have a wide driveway area to cover and require a vandal proof installation.

A thick stainless steel cable securely locked between two steel posts positioned either side of an entry ensures that Cable Gate provides an effective physical barrier against unauthorised vehicle access. With the convenience of automatic control, Cable Gate provides authorised access from within the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

Once the gate is remotely activated, a motor housed inside the master post drives down a latch, releasing the cable to lie flat on the ground. After a vehicle has passed through, the cable is automatically drawn back up and locked again inside the post to re-secure the entry.


A variety of options are available for manual push-button operation. These include Push button raise, loop lower; Push button raise and lower with safety loop or without safety loop; Push button raise, stop, lower. The buttons can either be barrier mounted or housed in a remote console with or without indicator lights. All these options also apply to key-switches.

The RF system is based upon IC technology which issues/receives a radio signal, decodes it and issues a command. All radio equipment is Department of Trade and industry approved and transmits on an approved frequency of 173.225 MHz. Using a hand-held transmitter from within the vehicle the motorist remotely signals to a receiver box normally mounted adjacent to the barrier. No clear line of sight is necessary. This makes the RF option particularly suited for locations where the approach to the barrier is restricted.

For the control of visitors or other infrequent users of an access control point barrier activation by means of an intercom with a raise push button is an ideal solution. A call button at the barrier causes an audible signal at the remote control point. Once identification has been made via the voice link the barrier is raised wit a remote push button.

Should visual identification also be required a video com system can be used instead. The special wide angle lens provides a clear picture of the caller to the control point before access is authorized.

For vehicle detection either to activate an open or close action or to prevent closing when a vehicle is present within the closing path of the barrier or gate we can supply a range of vehicle loop detectors to control up to four loops from any one detector.

Should ground conditions not be suited to loop installation then post mounted photo electric cells can be used. Additionally, if there is a requirement to detect pedestrians within the closing path then photo electric cells can be installed.

The Digitac controller uses an electronic memory to store the four-digit access code, this provides a high level of security as the code is neither accessible nor visible. There are built in security features to prevent non-authorized users from randomly code searching. Connection via six-core cable is made to the remote keyboard. This has a stainless steel fascia and is housed in a metal black box to protect against vandalism and adverse weather. An LED indicates whether or not access is authorized.

A simple metal disc token is inserted into token validator where its mass and size is checked prior to authorizing access. This relatively low level security check is useful for letting visitors out of a car park having been issued with the token by the receptionist.


Made from alternately PVC and aluminum strips (19mm wide x 3mm thick) colored black and white the bottom curtain improves visibility of the barrier arm and deters pedestrians from walking under the arm. The curtain is fixed by a link arm to the barrier housing to improve its rigidity. Normally a bottom curtain will extend to within 500mm of either end of the pole.

To provide added security against pedestrian access a top and bottom fully cantilevered curtain can be fitted (HD Model only). Made from PVC and aluminum strips which are colored alternately black and white the top and bottom curtain is fitted with a bar-link attached to the barrier housing to control the folding of the curtain as the barrier arm rises. This curtain normally extends to height of 1700mm above the road surface and a span of up to 5000mm. Other sizes are available on request.

All barrier arms are fitted as standard with a passive safety edge to lessen the impact of the arm on a vehicle or person. This edge is made from a rubber profile measuring 40mm x 25mm.

If there is a requirement to provide better protection against impact damage an active safety edge can be fitted as an accessory. This will cause the arm to instantly reverse as soon as the edge comes into contact with an obstruction. Reliable response is guaranteed by constantly measuring the current via a terminal resistor and a diode.

All barrier arms can be fitted with a “STOP” disc to improve the visibility of the arm. In turn the “STOP” disc can also be fitted with a red light for ease of night-time sight.

The stop disc is normally mounted above the barrier arm so as not to interfere with the safety edge. It is made from 3mm ABS plastic and measures 400mm x 400mm. The light operates with ultra bright LEDs with two flash rates and is IP65 rated.

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