Improved security, less cost

Kivellert Guard Patrol System

When compared to a previous supplier, it says a lot about a company when they can vastly improve your overall security yet still reduce your monthly service fees by 10%.

Risk Protection Security Solutions did exactly that when they were awarded a contract by F.E. Zuellig to protect their premises at Silom Road. Combining alarm equipment and guarding services, Risk Protection were able to offer their client a well designed and comprehensive system to fit their requirements. Implementing the Kivellert Guard Patrol Systems, Risk Protection’s own Guarding System and an Emergency Button Link, the entire system including a Burglar Alarm Systems for the building was connected to Risk Protection’s Alarm Receiving Center for 24 hour monitoring.

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Risk Protection has established itself as one of the leading operators of security solutions in Thailand. With over 40 years experience in Advanced Security Systems, Provision of Security Products and Guard Management we have integrated our sectors to provide a unique service for each individual customer.


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