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July 30, 2018by Risk20180

Three products that will enhance the security of your premises

It is surprising the number of times you encounter poorly designed or ineffective perimeter protection fencing or walls around residential and commercial premises in Thailand.

Not only is the fencing or wall too low to stop an intruder but for all intent and purposes the surrounding barrier has no purpose except to be decorative or to mark off the plot of land. Coupled with this factor is the questionable standard and effectiveness of patrolling guards at certain premises.

Consequently, the ease in which an intruder can enter many building complexes – particularly residential complexes – is a serious matter that needs due consideration and effective security countermeasures.

Three products that will tighten and enhance the security of your premises and improve the welfare of your tenants are the Kivellert Guard Patrol System, the EasiEntry Door Entry System and Security Lighting.

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