Risk Protection (Thailand) Ltd. was formed in early 1997 as a joint venture with Security Systems (F.E.) Ltd. which was established in 1973. Security Systems (F.E.) Ltd. is Hong Kong’s leading systems provider and was one of the first security operations to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1994. Security Systems (F.E.) Ltd. provide vast experience, technical expertise buying power and financial stability to a seasoned team of professionals operating in Thailand.

Initially Risk Protection (Thailand) Ltd. concentrated in Systems application and invested heavily in establishing their Central Monitoring Station which operates 365 days a year 24 hours per day. This computerized facility is one of the few in Thailand that continually monitors alarm systems, fire systems, maintenance systems, guard management systems and on site management systems providing independent monitoring, rapid response, emergency response and an audit trail.

During the economic downturn, when most security companies fought to maintain business through price cutting and reductions in service, Risk Protection launched its Security Guarding Services with a completely New Approach.

For the first time in Thailand a company offered a true integrated service combining manpower and systems that provided security and not saluting bodies in uniform at discounted prices. By creating well designed systems, with monitored guarding management systems and well trained manpower, Risk Protection Ltd. are able to compete without sacrificing quality of service & professionalism.

In several cases, we are able to save client’s money by installing alarm systems and guard management systems thereby reducing the number of guards required. Our success is not determined by the total number of guards we employ but by the retention of an elite client base who require and appreciate total security. This means that we are able to provide the highest standards of service and management for our clients and staff and are not hampered by the logistical nightmare of managing thousands and thousands of guards on a daily basis.

Our management approach is pro-active where problems are tackled head-on and solved promptly. This involves regular meetings with clients by senior management, hands on operation management assisted by management systems, a dedicated team of experienced inspectors and uniquely our own team of Guard Liason Managers who visit all our guards regularly and report back their grievances so that appropriate action can be taken. The well being of our staff is also crucial to our operations and we have done away with what are considered ?industry standard operations?.

For example, we do not make a profit from guard’s uniforms but provide them at cost; nor do we deduct money from salaries as insurance to prevent people from resigning.

Management Team

Twenty five years in international management, fifteen years in security systems and ten years in guard management combine integrated systems with a realistic hands – on approach.

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