Perimeter Protection

The quantum leap in perimeter protection

Early detection

The risk of detection is no deterrent to a determined intruder, who will calculate a “window of opportunity” – the time between alarm activation and the response by security personnel or the police.

Early detection significantly reduces or closes the window of opportunity. Guard-wire Defensor systems are designed to detect attacks at the earliest possible opportunity by exploiting two key characteristics of the perimeter fence: contact and delay.

A good perimeter fence will delay the intruders, forcing them to cut through or climb over its structure and in doing so will provide the earliest opportunity for electronic detection and certification.

The Guard-wire Defensor system is designed to pick up the vibrations produced by an attack as soon as physical contact is made with the fence and any security system design that incorporates Defensor will alarm as soon as an attack starts. The time taken to breach the fence allows the area of attack to be located, CCTV, lights, sirens, etc. to be activated and appropriate response to be made by security staff.

Early detection can also help protect the fence itself before any significant damage is inflicted, a benefit which is often overlooked and under estimated. Constant repairs are expensive and weaken the natural defense potential.

Primary level detection

By detecting on the actual fence, Defensor is one of the few systems that can be classed as primary detection, giving the most advanced warning of intruder activity. The level of overall security can be enhanced with secondary and tertiary detection and activation systems. Infra Red rays and Microwave beams, examples of secondary detection systems, are best suited to track an intruder inside the perimeter after the perimeter has been breached, or to provide trap or “double knock” detection.

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