Watchman’s Patrol Monitoring System

  • Is the sleeping watchman a familiar sight?
  • Watchman’s clocks and logbooks have not proven effective in improving the quality of patrols.
  • One watchman, or indeed the entire watch-force out of action could mean very high losses.

The Keep Alert Patrol Monitoring System has 8 main features which better protect the guard and ensures more efficient patrolling.

  1. If the guard fails to complete a patrol, the system will immediately send a signal to our control center. We can then investigate and summon assistance.
  2. The watchman must vary each patrol route in accordance with the directions of the control unit. This changes the route of each patrol.
  3. The control unit will automatically register a fault should a watchman forget a certain check point.
    Patrol times and rest periods can be individually programmed to your particular requirement.
  4. The system is appreciated by watchmen who know help will soon be at hand if any trouble does occur.
  5. You can feel secure in knowing any trouble on your premises will be reported immediately and nor the following morning after the damage has been done.
  6. A weekly or monthly management report is issued to you showing all patrol failures.
  7. There is no purchase price just a low monthly fee.


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