On-going training is part of our career structure and all guards must pass basic training before going on site. Promotion is not only earned through experience but also by passing relevant examinations.

Central Station Monitoring

This operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using software driven technology providing independent monitoring, rapid response, emergency response and an audit trial. Thailand’s work force is dominated by women.

They work harder, are diligent, loyal & more responsible. These are ideal qualities for security guarding. That’s why our policy is to employ female guards wherever practical.

Management Team

Twenty five years in international management, fifteen years in security systems and ten years in guard management combine integrated systems with a realistic hands – on approach.

Every Guarding Site includes:

24 Hour Emergency Button Link – Up
Activates level l Police response Providing Rapid Emergency back up Audit Reporting Which Includes:
Log on/off, Confirms personnel are present and correct at every shift change, Site Equipment Confirms equipment status at every shift change, Inspector Duty Confirms date/time of random inspector checks using encrypted electronic key.

Female Security Guards Thailand

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