Napco Security Technologies
Napco Security Technologies (NASDAQ: NSSC) is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of security products, developing advanced technologies for intrusion, fire, video, wireless, access control and door locking systems. Headquartered in New York, and with offices in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and Dubai, its products are sold and installed by tens-of-thousands of security professionals worldwide, from security dealers to locksmiths, to systems integrators and specifiers, in commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and government applications

Since 1969, NAPCO has enjoyed a heritage and proven record in the professional security community for reliably delivering both advanced technology and high quality security solutions, building many of the industry’s best-known brands, such as NAPCO Security Systems, Alarm Lock, Continental Access and now including Marks USA, and the Group’s most popular product lines: including Gemini and new F64-Series hardwire/wireless intrusion systems, iSee Video internet video solutions, Trilogy standalone electronic PIN/Prox access locks, CardAccess enterprise class integrated access & security systems, and Marks USA’s i-Que lock and Hi-Security cylinder lines. Today, millions of businesses, institutions, homes, and people around the globe are protected by products from the NAPCO Group of Companies.

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A proven track record

With our product development team anticipates trends and translates new technologies into the breakthrough products that often help shape and create new markets. Some examples of the technological expertise we draw from are: home/business systems integration and automation, internet, LAN/WAN & RS232 communications, motion studies, biometrics, voice synthesis, video, RF wireless, infrared and more

Made by security professionals, for security professionals

Napco Security System products are available through a network of over 100 Independent security distributors nationwide.

NAPCO Technology

Each Napco Security Technologies product is precision-manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications. Napco subscribes to a rigorous quality management system and is ISO 9OO1:2000 Certified. Quality is assured with a multi-sequence: From computerized GenRad in-circuit testing, to proprietary custom pretest, which checks for 100% correct PCB operation, followed by full-functional test of the assembled product, and lastly, burn-in, wherein product is torture-tested under load, in simulated extreme conditions.

Without exception, Napco Security Technologies products including well-respected Napco, Alarm Lock and Continental brands are of the highest caliber.

Your Partner in Innovation

While Napco Security Technologies has built its reputation on producing technologically-innovative products, the company is equally committed to optimizing them for you and integrating them in your own requirements or applications. Add to this the group’s steadfast commitment to unprecedented technical and customer service, ensuring millions of successful installations and satisfied customers worldwide, and you can see the makings of a most strategic relationship between Napco and its clients.

Alarm Lock

Acquired in 1987, our Alarm Lock Division is NAPCO’s fastest growing product group. Originally known worldwide for its superior Sirenlock panic exit devices and delayed egress alarms, Alarm Lock has expanded its reputation with the incredibly-popular Trilogy line. Used by today’s leading retailers, universities and institutions around the globe, handsome Trilogy locks come in weatherproof models, as well as cylindrical and new mortise-lock styles offering Audit Trail that allows a log of all entry activity to be printed to either a handheld infrared printer or a Windows PC.

Continental Access

In July 2000 Napco acquired Continental Instruments, a well-known designer and manufacturer of access control systems since 1961, has been a pioneer in developing leading edge access control technology. Now part of Napco Security Technologies, it offers a new line of enterprise class security solutions: Access control systems including CardAccess 3000 – an easy to implement, scalable, enterprise class solution providing integrated badging, alarms DVR, and access control.

Marks USA

The latest acquisition to the Napco family of companies, Marks USA was established in 1977 manufacturing mortise locks to meet the needs of an expanding market. Since then,Marks USA has grown and expanded their product line to include residential, institutional and commercial locksets to meet and exceed the most stringent UL and ANSI specifications.


Management Team
Twenty five years in international management, fifteen years in security systems and ten years in guard management combine integrated systems with a realistic hands – on approach.

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