MiniProx Proximity Card Reader

The MiniProx Proximity Card Reader boasts a slim design to match any decor. The attractive design allows the MiniProx reader to be mounted indoors or out. A new standard feature on the MiniProx reader is potting of all reader electronics, making this reader weatherized.

The new MiniProx reader accepts 5-16 volts, so that one model can meet most voltage requirements. The MiniProx reader is available with either Wiegand interface or clock-and-data magnetic stripe interface. The 5-volt capability allows existing swipe-type access control installations to be easily upgraded to proximity technology, simply by changing the existing reader heads and cards. The clock-and-data magnetic stripe version reads all HID proximity cards and outputs the card data in a Track II format. No rewiring or pulling of new cable is necessary.

The MiniProx reader offers high reliability, consistent read range characteristics, and low power consumption in a single, easy-to-install package.

Standard capabilities include multicolor LED, compatibility with all standard access control systems, and internal or host control of the LED and beeper. The MiniProx reader is designed for mounting directly on metal with no change in read range performance.

HID’s commitment to bringing advanced technology to the radio frequency identification market is again demonstrated in the new MiniProx Proximity card reader.

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